unlock access to transportation around the globe

OpenPass is a mobile app based virtual card that enables its users to validate all their tickets and passes simple, smart and quick

OpenPass app

All-in-one control

all features and applications in one interface

Mobile-ticketing solution

works with barcode, smart travel card, contactless bank card

Different mobility apps

run by mobility operators integrated with the app

One touch

one of key rules imposed to the app

Safe security

international standards

Cashless payment

with e-wallet, credit card

Tap to travel with OpenPass

Now you can skip the top-ups and tap to use mobility services with your OpenPass.

Enjoy the following benefits when you tap
to travel with OpenPass


The smartphone replaces all tickets & cards.


Browse different services and brands to get one. Tracking on your journey and fare history.


Skip the queues and top-up, simply tap to pay and travel.

How to tap to travel
with OpenPass
Receive a OpenPass code when you sign up OpenPass
Install OpenPass app and input your OpenPass code to activate it
Tap a service in your OpenPass app
to get service
Show your OpenPass code to use
the service
Track your travel history
Stay on top of your travel history and fares with our Pass app within OpenPass app.


How to subscribe a OpenPass card program

For an OpenPass issuer


Apply a card program


Receive quotation from OpenPass at your email. Discuss with our Sales Rep


Sign the service contract with a OpenPass local commercial partner


Pay OpenPass for software subscription and the OpenPass local commercial partner for hardware purchase


Configure and install the system. The hardware is handed-over by the OpenPass local commercial partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenPass?

OpenPass is the mobile application (virtual card) that enables its users to validate all their tickets and passes in transportation of people and goods.

Can OpenPass be used everywhere?

Yes, wherever there are merchants who accept OpenPass. Just look for the OpenPass Acceptance Mark at the merchant's facilities (website, mobile app, in-store, vehicle stations, etc)

Who is an OpenPass issuer?

An OpenPass issuer is a business who subscribes to an OpenPass solution to provide validation services to consumer or small business owners.

Some examples of OpenPass issuer are the operators of bus, train, airlines, cargo truck, travel tour, hotel and more.